My most current publications include the following:

2011 Yearbook Paris-Brest-Paris: Stories and Photos from the 2011 PBP.  Raleigh, NC: Randonneurs, USA, 2012.  Co-edited with Amy O’Brien.

“The Rider Stories of Randonneurs: Pilgrims’ Tales That Constitute A Virtual Community.”  Exploring Travel and Tourism: Essays on Journeys and Destinations. Edited by Jennifer Sweda.  Cambridge Scholars Press, 2012.

Annotation for “Should We Invite Students to Write in Home Dialects or Languages?  Complicating the Yes/No Debate” by J. Bean, et. al.  In The Bedford Bibliography for Teachers of Basic Writing.  3rd Edition. 2010.

“Fostering Responsible Decisions and Increased Self-Reliance: Helping Students Negotiate Writing Course Options Through Directed Self-Placement.”  Proceedings of Tertiary Writing Network Colloquium 2006.  Eds.  Elizabeth Gray and Lisa Emerson.  April 2007.

Alternative Rhetorics in the Personal Critical Essay.”  November 2005.

“Resistance Literature at Home: Rereading Women’s Autobiographies from the Civil Rights and Black Power Movements” A/B:Auto/Biography 20.1 (Summer 2005): 38-58.

“Challenging the Constraints of First-Year Composition Through Ethnic Women’s Narratives.”  Rhetoric and Ethnicity.  Ed. by Keith Gilyard and Vorris Nunley.  Portsmouth, NH: Boynton/Cook, 2004.  129-36.

Under Review

“Rhetorical Genre Studies Through The Lens of Randonneuring.” Accepted for review by Rhetoric Review, July 2015.