Conference Presentations

Below is a selection of my conference presentations:


“The Leisurely Making of a Hero.”  Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Annual Conference, New Orleans, April 2015.

“Enduring Genres Generate Useful Questions for Genre Studies.” International Genre Studies Conference, Ottawa, Canada, June 2012.

“Riding And Writing My Way Through My Academic Life.”  Conference of College Composition and Communication Annual Conference, Atlanta, April 2011.  (Peer reviewed)

“Riding and Writing Into the 21st Century: A Genre that Recycles Itself.”  Tertiary Writing Network Conference, Wellington, New Zealand, December 2010.  (Peer reviewed)

Presentation on behalf of my Rhetoric Society of America Writing Group, Rhetoric Society of America Annual Conference, Minneapolis, May 2010.

“Athletes, Tourists, or Pilgrims: Design in the Writing of Randonneurs.”  College English Association Annual Conference, Pittsburgh, March 2009.  (Peer reviewed)

“The Rhetoric of Randonneuring: A Sport for the 21st Century?”  Rhetoric Society of America Annual Conference, Seattle, May 2008.  (Peer reviewed)

“Apprehending Our Own and Others’ Literacy Identities Through Autoethnography.”  Annual Conference of College Composition and Communication, New York City, March 2007.  (Peer reviewed)

“Fostering Responsible Decisions and Increased Self-Reliance: Helping Students Negotiate Writing Course Options Through Directed Self-Placement.”  Tertiary Writing Network Conference, Napier, New Zealand, Dec. 2006.  (Peer reviewed)

“Bridging the Gap Between the University and ‘Underprepared’ Students Through Directed Self-Placement and the ‘Stretch Model’ of Composition.”  Annual Conference of College Composition and Communication, Chicago, IL.  March 22-25, 2006.  (Peer reviewed)

Alternative Rhetorics in the Personal Critical Essay.”  International Feminisms and Rhetorics Conference.  Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI.  October 5-8, 2005.  (Peer reviewed)

“Bridging the Gap: Student and Faculty (Mis)Conceptions of Writing Assignments.”  Writing Across the Curriculum Annual Conference, St. Louis, Mo. May 2004.  (Peer reviewed)


“Extreme Travels: The Writing That Constitutes the Virtual Community of Randonneuring.”   Mid-Atlantic Popular & American Culture Association 2009 Annual Conference, Boston, MA, Nov. 2009.  (Peer reviewed)